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Shows ACRN Radio Lobsterfest!
w/ Coltrane Motion, The Sidekicks, Flotation Walls, & More..
Sat 06/05 @ Ohio University - South Green - Athens, OH

FREE! . all-day, all ages outdoor music festival . Hello Ambition Tour!

More info here:


09:00:00 PM RED Sidekicks
08:30:00 PM BLUE Russenorsk
08:00:00 PM RED Flotation Walls
07:30:00 PM BLUE Coltrane Motion
07:00:00 PM RED Evolve
06:30:00 PM BLUE The Ghost of Asa Phelps
06:00:00 PM RED She Bears
05:30:00 PM BLUE Tin Armor
05:00:00 PM RED Scubadog
04:30:00 PM BLUE The Cutter Family
04:00:00 PM RED The Mauve Avengers
03:30:00 PM BLUE Manor Animals
03:00:00 PM RED Five Deadly Venoms
02:30:00 PM BLUE Whale Zombie
02:00:00 PM RED Legends of Wrestling
01:30:00 PM BLUE Stomp The Condor
01:00:00 PM RED Bag of Hair
12:30:00 PM BLUE In Silent Movies
12:00:00 PM RED Melk

Ohio University - South Green
Athens, OH