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Shows This Will Not End Well - Wussy Remixd Listening Party
w/ TBA
Wed 09/22 @ MOTR Pub - Cincinnati, OH

8p . FREE! . featuring a new remix of Maglite by Coltrane Motion

This Will Not End Well represents the fourth studio effort from seminal Queen City band Wussy. Conceived in collaboration with Jay Reynolds (4Track All-Stars, Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour), TWNEW features ten remixes by nine different artists. djdq, Coltrane Motion, John Curley and others contribute, as well as one full half of the Wussy line-up: bass/utility maven Mark Messerly and trap-kit wunderkind Joe Klug. When coupled with the high, lonesome vocal stylings of co-front-persons Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, these new settings depart from the bandís usual Southern Noise-Gospel digs for territory somewhere between Stockhausen, Mothersbaugh, and Massive Attack. Free any of the sub-genre strictures that often accompany forays into the world of electronic music, TWNEW offers ten honest, preconception-free ruminations on classics like Jonah, Happiness Bleeds, and Maglite. If youíve ever wondered what Wussy would sound like backed by a choir of Kraftwerkian robots, or if a broken mini-Moog works in a Chuck/Lisa duet, or if Sun Giant Says Hey could survive the extinction-level event caused by a huge piano sample being dropped from orbit, get ready to have your questions answered.

Wussy will be hosting a release/listening party at on Wednesday September 22nd at The MOTR Pub (1345 Main St Cincinnati, OH 45202). Doors open at 8pm.

1345 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH
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