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Lineup Matt Dennewitz . Everything
Michael Bond . Banjo, Synth (Live)
Tristan Wolfe . Drums, Accordion (Live)
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Chicago, IL
Compiler Compiler is the words and music of Matt Dennewitz, a besweatered art student and synth geek from the blustery metropolis of Chicago, IL. From its beginnings in sound collage and noisy experimentation, Compiler has evolved into something altogether different, combining elements of minimal drone arrangements with a western folk sound. While oft-compared to fellow troubadours Neil Young, Lou Barlow, and Will Oldham, Matt blazes his own trail with electronic flourishes and idiosyncratic arrangements previously foreign to the genre. His sparse solo sound was expanded to a full band for a tour in support his 2003 EP, and performed in two- & three- piece variations across the US. Matt currently records music as Blackbear. Discography

I Guess That It's Time That I Go
{ DWL030 . EP (CDR) . 2003 }
Downtrodden folk wrapped in a 5.25" floppy disk.

MP3s  [ Untitled 001 ]  [ I Guess That It's Time That I Go ]
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Nothing Ever Fits Like It Should
{ DWL004 . EP (CDR) . 2000 }
Debut EP, full of lo-fi folk and bath-rock.

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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing
MP3  [ Your Eyes, My Choir ] . More Info . Add to Cart : $5

Datawaslost : One.Two.Three
MP3  [ Leave Without You ] . More Info . Add To Cart : $5

Datawaslost : Building
MP3  [ Ask No Questions ] . More Info . Add To Cart : $4

Datawaslost : The Four-track Graduates
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