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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing Compilation

MP3  [ Your Eyes, My Choir ]
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Coltrane Motion
Songs About Music

MP3  [ Twenty-seven ]
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The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe
The Moonlight's Fair..

MP3  [ Last of the Incas ]
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Tracklisting 01 Black Trenchcoat Blues
02 Buffalo
03 Stalker Romance [ mp3 ]
04 Shoespring
05 Judy
06 Monkeys
07 Everything
08 All Across the County
09 August
10 Buffalo Buffalo
11 Goodbye
Coltrane Motion - Supa Lo-Fi!
DWL001 . Released May 2000 . Out of Print
Description Coltrane Motion's debut CD-R, and Datawaslost's first release. Dark, distorted keys and choked vocals over sampled beats, the disc is a 3am dorm room prayer to the gods of Ill Communication and Mellow Gold, wrapped in a blanket of four-track tape hiss. Reviews Part Shoegazer cacophony, part Beck dance beats, and part left-of-center songwriting, Coltrane Motion join the ranks of today's preeminent postmodern popsters with nonchalant aplomb. Their songs range from the overtly grating to the wonderfully charming. Either way, their unique compositional sensibility is infectious.


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