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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing Compilation

MP3  [ Your Eyes, My Choir ]
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Coltrane Motion
Songs About Music

MP3  [ Twenty-seven ]
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The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe
The Moonlight's Fair..

MP3  [ Last of the Incas ]
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Tracklisting 01 . Love Can [ mp3 ]
02 . Night After Night
03 . American Broadcast
04 . Crack
05 . 51
06 . Left With Me [ mp3 ]
07 . Love Can 2

08 . Gulf Of Tonkin (Digital-only Bonus Track)
09 . The Richest Man In Bogota (Digital-only Bonus Track)
Gossett : A Guide Through the Casio Forest
DWL024 . Released December 2001 . Out of Print . iTunes Music Store . eMusic
Description Originally released as a limited edition (complete with a lock of Gossett's hair inside), this EP combined lo-fi casio keys with classic rock harmonies and gritty folk, resulting in a record both bombastic and fragile. Currently out of print, 'A Guide..' was re-relased digitally in Spring of 2007 through iTunes and eMusic, with two bonus tracks collecting his compilation appearances.
Reviews Using only a Casio Keyboard and his 12-string, Gossett manages to craft a wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) album of pop songs. Just listen to one of these ditties, and you will not doubt that Gossett has a great musical talent.

- Indieville . December 2001

This album shouldn't work. It really shouldn't. Cheap Casio keyboards (as hinted at in the album title) and light drum machines make their way in and out of each song, most often accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a worn-out voice. You'd think that Gossett's arrangements would mix like oil and water - but the album does work.. Although A Guide Through The Casio Forest includes only seven songs (and clocks in at a mere 22 minutes), Gossett shows great promise here - as both a singer-songwriter and a master of pop.

- Splendid . January 25, 2002

Along he comes, creating his debut solo album using only a Casio 1630 and his standard 12-string. And boy is it good! Clearly a masterwork of lo-fi recordings.

- Indieville . Best of 2001

I feel honored to have this copy of the EP. Like Gossett's music, it feels home-built and simple yet charming. It sums up his music quite well, and I can't help but like it just as much. As far as guilty pleasures go, this one is my favorite.

- Delusions of Adequacy

Gossett's odd brand of Syntho-Folk is the sort of thing that inspires the auditory equivalent of squinting. But it's hard to scratch your head while it's bouncing involuntarily.. Somehow his juxtaposition of low-fi keyboard ditties and flat, drum-pad rhythms with rootsy guitar melodies and a gruff, Dylanesque voice manages to seem only natural.

- Citybeat . March 28, 2002

Swissfarlo bassist, Matt Gosset, has released a limited solo CD titled GOSSET "A Guide through the Casio Forest" that expands on one mans vision and hopes to be cloned. I know this because each seven song CD features a lock of his hair! For Cloning purposes. On the trek throught he Casio Forest maybe its a good idea to have a strand of hair because the trek is SO dangerous that one may die and need re-cloning to right the wrongs from past replicants. Gossets solo stuff is nothing like Swissfarlo and yes, like the title sez, has keyboards upfront for most tracks. There are layers to gossets sound that make the whole release sound bigger than a release limited to 50 copies can be. The songs are catchy and dont dredge on ones attention span. I have a feeling DataWasLost is going to be one of those labels that will be judged one day for putting their name on releases like this and HONORED for their risk.

- Blank Generation . January 2003

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