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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing Compilation

MP3  [ Your Eyes, My Choir ]
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Coltrane Motion
Songs About Music

MP3  [ Twenty-seven ]
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The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe
The Moonlight's Fair..

MP3  [ Last of the Incas ]
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Tracklisting 01 . Oh No [ mp3 ]
02 . Lines
03 . Proline
04 . Her Life's Been Copied
05 . Cans For Money
06 . Roman Candle
07 . And I Digress
08 . Yr Mine
09 . Simple Faults
10 . Expect Finer
11 . Coil
12 . 2nd or 3rd [ mp3 ]
Swissfarlo : Boxed
DWL036 . Released November 2002 . Add To Cart : $10
Description Boxed, the first full-length from Swissfarlo, is the culmination of the group's recent full-band work. Self-recorded and produced, the album showcases the group's thick two-guitar attack and driving rythym section with a warm, rough sound. Pop hooks layered in noise, Americana disguised as drone rock, the disc seamlessly integrates disparate elements into an album of simple pleasures. Reviews 'Boxed' is the most exciting record of it's kind for 5 years- the right quotient of post-hardcore cool, the right amount of sweet pop, all the right guitar distortions and hooks, put together with exactitude and care, and a dominating air of not caring too much. Fantastic.

- Americana UK

Like so many lo-fi bands, Cincinnati's Swissfarlo began as a bedroom recording project and gradually emerged as a full-fledged indie pop band. Their first full-length release, Boxed, features strong pop sensibilities and fuzzed-out guitars throughout the twelve tracks. The songs are catchy and concise, avoiding the tendency to overuse a great hook. Always leave 'em wanting more, right? This is some damn good indie pop. Apparently Dayton has some competition to the south for Ohio's lo-fi pop crown.

- Impact Press . Apr/May 2003

12 tracks of highly addictive, catchy-as-hell songs, fleshed out by endearingly raw vocals and crafty guitar parts, the do-it-yourself diehards of Swissfarlo (members of the lo-fi collaborative) have shown that big studio budgets and gimmicks aren't necessary to create a great record. Delicious tunes like the buzzing, swaggering "Oh No," the psychedelic, Syd Barrett-esque "Roman Candle," and the garage-y scorcher "Simple Faults" help make Boxed one of the best local releases this year.

- CityBeat . November 2002

This is a straightforward, fun album that will get any indie pop fan lovin' life to the fullest. With their Sebadoh and Pavement influences firmly in tow, and a zest for recording carefree, playful college-road-trip pop numbers, Swissfarlo are already indie rock legends in the making. Over the twelve songs on Boxed we're confronted with noisy guitar rock ("Her Life's Been Copied," "Expect Finer"), low-key folky stuff ("Roman Candle, "And I Digress"), and sugary candy-pop ("Oh No," "2nd or 3rd"). You know, everything that the discerning college rock snob in you likes. While a few songs fall flat ("Proline" comes to mind...), on the majority these are very good tunes. A few, like "Cans For Money" and "And I Digress" can even be considered minor classics.

- Indieville

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