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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing Compilation

MP3  [ Your Eyes, My Choir ]
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Coltrane Motion
Songs About Music

MP3  [ Twenty-seven ]
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The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe
The Moonlight's Fair..

MP3  [ Last of the Incas ]
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Tracklisting 01 . Pi Is Exactly Three [ mp3 ]
02 . End of Every Movie
03 . Supersexy '67
04 . I Guess the Kids Are OK
Coltrane Motion : No Well OK Maybe Just A Little
DWL042 . Released May 10, 2005 . Add To Cart : $5 . iTunes Music Store . eMusic
Description Initially available only on their Winter 2005 tour of the Eastern US & Canada, this 4-track EP collects new mixes of previous singles, as well as new, unreleased material.
Reviews Find yourself thinking Beck has lost his edge even if the new album is a little bit better and getting back someway to Mellow Gold even though it is Beck on scientology autopilot? Disappointed with the sad sad fact that the up to now always brilliant New Order, after all this time, have finally released a very bad record? Wondering where it's going to come from next?.. Here it is right now, landed on our doorstep via their label over on Cincinnati Ohio - a band from Chicago that you really do need to go get a slice of. Four tracks; the first - Pi Is Exactly Three - sounds like New Order might do if they were a warm lo-fi alternative American band brought up on Guided By Voices. A beautiful song that doesn't want you to touch it when it's out on the dance floor, it really does sound a like a very fine New Order moment without ever being a clone. The End Of Every Movie has us wondering if the CD player is functioning properly, quite unexpected after the fluid glow of the opener - this is real angular awkwardness, but then you pick up on the delicate song underneath, and the Farfisa glow. And then Supersexy 67 is just that - supersexy - how good are this band!? I Guess The Kids Are OK is the final treat of four - real is the new thing, this is so right, this is so right.. Noisy fuzzy lo-fi fluid fat indie pop and frenzied jazz and cut up hip hop and howling power chords and whooooooooooooooosh, it's been on my floor for three days waiting in line for attention.. Shoegazer cacophony meets lo-fi Beck dance beats, left field songs of beauty.. Oh yes, I need more of this and so do you, this totally rules

- Organ (UK) . April 7, 2005

You can always count on something interesting if it is on the Datawaslost label. Coltrane Motion is the Chicago-based trio consisting of Michael Bond, Matt Dennewitz, and Pete Ziegler. The band's tunes merge components from various genres of music.. eventually ending up sounding something like a modern British techno band. But that is meant to be taken as a compliment, because No Well OK Maybe Just A Little is a very smart and intriguing little four song EP. The first cut ('Pi is Exactly Three') is absolutely intoxicating and as catchy as Hell. The band's throbbing beats, odd keyboards, and unusual vocals make their music an upbeat trip. This is one of those EPs that leaves you thirsty for more... (Rating: 5+/6)

- Babysue . April 2005

Deviously inventive beats and melodies.. Always intriguing, always enjoyable.

- Aiding & Abetting . May 2005

This is neat electronic pop at its finest, actually exploring genres like dance and rock rather than staying within the boundry of their bubble. Definitely worth checking out.

- Modern Fix . August 2005

Although indie dance rock has almost become a cliché these past few years, if there's any new artist in the genre worth checking out, it has to be Coltrane Motion. On their debut EP, No Well OK Maybe A Little, moody guitars are combined with dancefloor beats and hip-shaking electronics to create some of the most inspired local rock 'n' roll heard in quite some time.

- Illinois Entertainer . October 31, 2005

Fleshing out Bond's home recordings with compadres Matt Dennewitz and Pete Ziegler, Coltrane Motion has evolved into a crafty, catchy and exploratory Indie/Electro powerhouse, creatively molding samples and other electronic decorations into an effective and imaginative mˇlange, augmented by ranging guitar, textural atmospherics, dancefloor-ready beats and a truck-load of anxious, unforgettable hooks. Like vintage kitchen-sink Beck without any of the gimmickry and overt silliness or classic Post Punk/New Wave with better technology, CM's latest four-song EP, No Well OK Maybe Just A Little, shows the trio is too arty and provocative to be lumped in with the current '80s revivalists. But Bond and Co. capture the quirks and spirit of that generation's innovators better than any of the chartbusters.

Citybeat . January 4, 2006

Sounding like a cross between something like the Gang of Four and Beck, Coltrane Motion, an indie pop trio from Chicago, mixes a variety of styles on its new EP, No Well OK Maybe Just A Little, just out on Cincinnati's Datawaslost Records. At one minute, the band's going through herky-jerky motions in "I Guess the Kids Are OK" and at the next, lead singer Michael Bond is crooning over sparse breakbeats in "Pi Is Exactly Three". Top-notch songwriting skills hold the whole thing together.

Cleveland Free Times . January 4, 2006

Collides glitchy guitar and machine fuzz with staccato emo-talk vocals..

Village Voice . January 11, 2006

The notion that the computer-as-instrument would change the face of music resulted in tons of perfectly listenable 90s art-pop groups getting lost in a manifesto-induced fog. Well, the revolution won't be bit-torrented or RSS;d either. Most of the pretentious digital zealots have toned it down in the past few years, leaving groups like local trio Coltrane Motion to jury-rig their own software, bash around on guitars, and make joyful noise free from the weight of such awesome responsibility. Last year's four-song EP, No Well OK Maybe Just A Little (Datawaslost) hops and burbles and yearns like a defrosted New Order letting out a primal side no one knew they had.

Chicago Reader . January 20, 2006

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