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Minneapolis, MN

Aphid An 8-year solo recording project (with occasional guests) spearheaded by GD Mills. Naive? Yes. Pretentious? Of course. Delusional? Probably. But to anyone who has cared enough to listen, the truth is evident.

The desire to create an aural artform. The ambition to self-release sometimes brilliant, usually self-indulgent recordings masquerading as music. The now-antiquated idea that a 4-track and a blank cassestte could transcend musical experience, empowering a singular vision on the fringe of independent home-recording nobody-ness. The beauty of EVOL, the power of Spiderland, the honesty of a million like-minded cassette-trading music enthusiasts benefited by the proliferation of home-recording technology.

Reviewed in Alternative Press and Tuba Frenzy; appeared on compilations from BlueSanct, Black Apple and Right On! Records; re-discovered and re-mixed by Datawaslost and Ionik Recordings.

Showcasing continuous development despite little to zero outside interest beyond friends and collaborators, these recordings are aural diaries of discovery, progress & death.

-Seth Herrington, 2001


Cacophony of the Fittest
{ DWL013 . LP . 2000 }
A full-length. An end. As concise and outrageously tedious as it gets. Probably the best and the worst. Stop.
MP3  [ Break-neck Beat ]
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Annoying the Uninitiated
{ DWL012 . EP . 1997 }
A return to fragmented, chaotic basics. Mis-adventures in audio collage, spoken word and Hip-Hop.
MP3  [ Jazzercising Women ]
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{ DWL011 . EP . 1996 }
Cultural seclusion. Snow-capped mountain-tops. Desolate desert. Progress.
MP3  [ Pale Like Mustard Potato Salad Yellow ]
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{ DWL010 . EP . 1994 }
4 songs. 20 minutes. Immortality and a 4-track recorder.
MP3  [ Pedestal ]
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Datawaslost : Building
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Ionik Records Compilation CD
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Datawaslost : The Four-track Graduates
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Free Bait: Black Apple Compilation '00
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