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Website Lineup GD Mills . Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Mike Winters . Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Jason Clohecy . Bass, Vocals
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Minneapolis, MN
Press Post-Haste One-sheet  [ print . 2.0 mb pdf]  [ web . 55 kb gif ] Shows Click Here For Past Shows
Post-Haste With the directness of early Wire and a Buzzcocks-ian melodicism filtered through Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth, Post-Haste couple wild-eyed expansiveness with a straight-forward structure, oftentimes within the same song.

With a knowing nod to such isolated Post-Punk pioneers as Swell Maps and The Clean, with one foot in the mid-60s Rock and Roll of The Kinks and Who, the band maintains its Indie Rock roots with influences ranging from Guided By Voices to Slint and anyone in between.

The new year brings the release of their first full-length for Ionik Recordings Company, Untitled, a tight 12-song 'Post-Pop flood in all its destructive glory' clocking in at less than 26 minutes.

{ IOR020-1 . LP . 2003 }
12 dark, anxious, jittery songs forming their 1st LP, available on Ionik Records.

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Adventures of a Mathematician
{ DWL021 / IOR010-1 . EP . 2001 }
A cleaner, brighter, digitally-recorded expansion of their straight-forward pop sensibilities.
MP3  [ Ugli Fountains ]
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Stormtrooper Percussion Unit
{ DWL015 / IOR013-2 . EP . 1998 }
Murky 4-track EP exploring the boundaries of Indie Noise-Pop.
MP3  [ Let's Find Tim a Complex ]
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Greg's In Germany
{ DWL014 / IOR013-2 . EP . 1998 }
Concise 4-track pop nuggets, initially released on cassette.
MP3  [ Armed Robbery ]
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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing
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Datawaslost : One.Two.Three
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Datawaslost : Building
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Ionik Records Compilation CD
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Datawaslost : The Four-track Graduates
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